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Sweet Potato Cheese Balls


  Did you go grocery shopping and bought sweet potatoes? I did it! October is sweet potato harvest time in North Carolina, and I can buy local grown fresh harvested sweet potatoes this time of the year! I usually bake sweet potatoes in the oven with cinnamon, and serve as a side dish. This time […]

Grilled halloumi with dates


  A couple years ago, we went to a Lebanese restaurant in town, and my husband ordered grilled halloumi cheese. It is a goat and sheep milk cheese. Wow! it was so good! Since then, we always order halloumi when we go to that place. Halloumi cheese has a very unique taste and texture. We both […]

Kale Soup with Acorn Squash


  I’m a soup lover! Especially, when weather is getting cold, I’m craving for soup. Today, I would like to share my kale soup with acorn squash recipe. It has a fall taste from acorn squash, and it gives you little spicy kick with cayenne pepper. Most importantly, it is really a healthy soup. Kale […]

Quinoa Stuffed Pumpkin


  Do you have family members who don’t like to have certain vegetables? Are you looking for a trick to make them eat vegetables? I would like to share my trick! It’s called a chop chop trick. My husband doesn’t like carrot, celery, mushroom, spinach, etc. I chop those vegetables into small pieces and mix […]