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My name is Seonhwa. I was born in Seoul Korea and am living in North Carolina in the United State. Last year (2012), I married the world best man! After I got married, I spend more time cooking because I have someone to enjoy my food together. That is my true joy of cooking!


Before being married, I was a scientific researcher for several years. Running experiments in the lab was what I had been doing everyday. Now, my kitchen is my lab, and I am doing experimental cooking!


I open my cooking blog to keep my recipes and share my experimental cooking recipes with anyone who loves to cook.


I must thank my sweet husband who helped me for many things (almost everything) to open my blog from the very beginning. He picked the blog name (my maiden name is Kim!), and takes pictures for my food. Most importantly, he is a volunteering guinea pig for my experimental food! As I mentioned in the beginning, I am from Asia, so I will post Asian inspired food more often. However, my first post is French, for my French husband!




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