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Sweet Potato Cheese Balls


  Did you go grocery shopping and bought sweet potatoes? I did it! October is sweet potato harvest time in North Carolina, and I can buy local grown fresh harvested sweet potatoes this time of the year! I usually bake sweet potatoes in the oven with cinnamon, and serve as a side dish. This time […]

Caribbean Pulled Chicken Mini Burgers


  We both like Caribbean flavors very much. We went to Florida a couple times, and we had Caribbean style chicken! It is a little bit sweet, has lime and a good blending of spices. I cooked it at home with a quarter cut bone-in chicken, and my husband loved the sauce! He suggested that […]

Grilled halloumi with dates


  A couple years ago, we went to a Lebanese restaurant in town, and my husband ordered grilled halloumi cheese. It is a goat and sheep milk cheese. Wow! it was so good! Since then, we always order halloumi when we go to that place. Halloumi cheese has a very unique taste and texture. We both […]

Oven Baked Korean Pork Belly


  Pork belly is the most popular pork part in Korea. Everybody loves pork belly! Especially me! Here, in the States, pork belly is relatively cheap compared to other parts, but in Korea it is the most expensive pork cut because of high demands. If you’ve been to Korea or Korean restaurants, you might know grilled […]

Garlic Chicken (The Easiest Chicken)!


  Sometimes, you need a recipe that is easy to prepare and delicious! This Garlic Chicken is a perfect dish for a busy weekday dinner. I have lots of school stuff going on the weekdays. I still have to feed my lovely husband even if it is a busy night. ^^ I am sure some […]

Kale Soup with Acorn Squash


  I’m a soup lover! Especially, when weather is getting cold, I’m craving for soup. Today, I would like to share my kale soup with acorn squash recipe. It has a fall taste from acorn squash, and it gives you little spicy kick with cayenne pepper. Most importantly, it is really a healthy soup. Kale […]